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More Skilled Migrants Required under South Australia State Nomination

Fri, Feb 15 2019

More Skilled Migrants Required under South Australia State Nomination

The Australian state South Australia is an urgent requirement of more skilled migrants for South Australia State Nomination. This concern was put across to the Prime Minister of Australia by Steven Marshall, the Premier of SA.

Mr. Marshall said that unlike other Australian states like Sydney and Melbourne, the needs of South Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory are different and he thinks that the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) should be extended to these states as well. This will help in bringing skilled migrants to the regions where they are required the most.

To meet the skill shortage in South Australia, Mr. Marshall is planning to have incentive plans for international students. He is encouraging local residents to live and work in South Australia. However, the major concern for the state is around 5,000 numbers of people leaving South Australia each year.

The labor shortage is ardently visible in South Australia; the employers are running advertisements on regular basis to recruit employees. Most of the time they are unable to fill the places with local Australians and there are not enough skilled migrants in South Australia to meet the labor shortages. Hence, there is a greater need for skilled migrants in South Australia. 

The SA employers believe that Australian immigration is only focusing on already popular Australian states like Melbourne and Sydney. The current immigration policies do not recognize the needs of Australian regional areas. Though a lot of effort is been done by the federal government to invite applicants in the regional areas it is not turning into reality. 

South Australia State Nomination is point based immigration program that allows an applicant to come and settle in SA on a permanent basis provided eligibility requirements are met. 

If you are a skilled migrant and wants to explore Australia as a skilled migrant, this is the right opportunity for Australian immigration. Connect with South Australia State Nomination and immigration experts of Aptech Global. One of the experts will get in touch with you to discuss your possible Australia Permanent Residency chances.

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