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Major Reasons of Australia PR Visa application rejection in 2019-20

Wed, Aug 28 2019

Major Reasons of Australia PR Visa application rejection in 2019-20

Australia Immigration department invites migrants for permanent residency visa. However, not everyone gets lucky and there are several unfortunate immigrants who have to face visa rejections every year.

The department mentioned the list of Australia PR Visa rejections 2019-20 that potential migrants must avoid. These are:

  • Application filed under the wrong visa subclass

It is important to understand the visa application under which you are applying to avoid backlash afterwards. The majority of the candidates apply through skilled migrations namely Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189, Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 190, and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489.

The visa 189 and visa 190 are permanent visas while the subclass 489 is a provisional visa that will soon become non-existent. A new visa category subclass 491 will take over visa 489.

  • Disobey the conditions of your previous visa

Your PR visa application may be denied if it is found that you had violated the conditions of your previous temporary visa. The applicants who had overstayed their temporary visa will also face PR visa rejection

  • Incomplete or wrong information provided on the visa application

Your PR visa application may be denied if it is found incomplete or the information provided is inconsistent. It is advised to triple check your visa application before submission. Support with the evidence to avoid any discrepancy later.

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  • Incompetency to meet the health requirements of the visa

If you fail to meet conditions of the health requirements your PR visa application may be denied.

  • Incompetency to meet the character requirements of the visa

If the Australian authorities find out that you are of bad character and have a criminal record, the visa application will be denied.

  • Insufficient Funds

There are visa categories that allow candidates to showcase fund settlement as per the state they are applying to. Failure to show proof of having sufficient funds could get your PR visa denied.

  • Not able to meet the visa verification process

Your PR visa application may be rejected at the final stage if you are unable to meet health, character or any other verification.

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