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Loopholes In The Australia’s Job And Migration Policies, Skilled Migrants Are Not Use Effectively

Mon, Feb 12 2018

Loopholes In The Australia’s Job And Migration Policies, Skilled Migrants Are Not Use Effectively

Hundreds of thousand immigrants are attracted by the Australia Skilled Migration System. The Australian government however feels that it has wasted the skills of these migrants. About 40 percent of the skilled immigrants who came to Australia for work purposes are over qualified and hence, not able to find a suitable employment for themselves. This is almost four times the level of over-education seen in native-born Australians.

The main problem could be a lack of coordination between Australia’s migration system and employment policies. There are huge discrepancies in Migration system and employment policies. The migration system supports supplying immigrants to fill the skill shortage whereas employment policies pay less importance in getting out the most from every immigrant.

This is resulting in skill shortage of workers who are qualified migrants but unable to fill these positions.

This is a vice-versa problem with not only skilled workers being used efficiently but for the rest of the Australian society as well. The collection of the revenue is less because the migrants are not able to contribute and hence, public funding, savings, consumption and investment expenditure is affected.

One possible reason about this problem can be the lag when employers inform immigration authorities about the skills they most need.

The solution to this problem is a tighter coordination between immigration and employment policies.

With the current immigration policies of Australia, the employers inform about the skills which they need in immigrants but it ultimately focuses on population management.

The conclusion of this problem is to coordinate Australia’s immigration and employment policies could reduce some of this skill wastage.


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