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Latest Australian Immigration Job tips 2019-20

Mon, Sep 02 2019

Latest Australian Immigration Job tips 2019-20

Australia is a leading immigration destination for migrants across the globe. It provides the high quality of life, low unemployment rate and better job opportunities for the right and skilled candidates. If you wish to work and settle in the beautiful country, here are some tips that might be useful for finding jobs in the country.

  • Do research

It is important to research about the different job openings available related to your profile in Australia. Research is also important for the roles and skills currently in-demand in the country. In this way, you will be able to do evaluation related to your skills are in-demand or not. If you have required skills and experience that an Australian employer is looking for, the chances of getting selected will be high.

  • Search different visa options that are most suitable for you

There are different visa options available for the candidates to decide for their Australian permanent residency. This includes:

  1. General Skilled Migration Program
  2. Employer Nomination Visa
  3. Temporary Skilled Working Visa
  4. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa

Eligible candidates can apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa allows you to live and work in the country on permanent basis. Apply for Australia PR and in this way you can also look for a job.

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  • Select the area you want to work in Australia

Selecting the right place is very important because it is suggested to find a job in your area of choice. Also, the work opportunities must be available in that area.

  • Do research specific to your field

Look out for the employers in your chosen location that have job openings in your field. Big cities have better infrastructure but are congested too. There are work opportunities available in IT firms, law firms, banks and telecom companies etc.

  • Apply using tried and tested methods

After narrowing down the work location, send out your resume with a cover letter to potential employers. Create your resume in accordance with the company job opening and the company. Also, it is suggested to not send same resume to every organization. You must also remember to mention the status of your visa application status mentioned in cover letter.

Additionally, you may also mention the English language scores on your resume

  • Start job hunting

There are various online job portals where you can look for a job in Australia. Try to connect with social groups and local people who hire workers. Create connections and also enroll with local recruitment agencies that can assist you with employment opportunities.

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