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Know the annual income of Indians in Australia!

Fri, Nov 02 2018

Know the annual income of Indians in Australia!

The latest survey was conducted by HSBC Bank in which 1424 overseas Indians were surveyed to know about their standard of living. The results said that Indians earn almost 80, 00, 000 per annum. The official data says that per capita Income of India is Rs. 1, 12, 835.

There are some interesting facts that were revealed by HSBC Bank about the lifestyle of the migrants:

  • Out of 1424 Indians, 25% were females, 33% of people surveyed were in the age group of 18 to 34 years. Also, people under the age group of 35 and 54 years comprised 52% of the surveyed group. The other 15% of the people were above the age of 54 years.
  • The 84% of the people are employed
  • 51 % of the surveyed people had children while 64% were the property owners in India
  • A quarter of the property owners abroad have at least 3 properties somewhere in the world
  • There is 31% increase in the average income of the surveyed people
  • Two-thirds of the Indians spend their income on their homes in India
  • Half of the migrants buy properties in their home country because eventually they plan to settle down after their work in their respective home country
  • 47% of the migrants surveyed said that they moved abroad to progress their career
  • The Indians going abroad (55%) rely on their friends and Family for financial advice as Indians are close knit group wanting to take advice from their near and dear ones

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 Australia is thus, the leading immigration destination for the migrants seeking Australia permanent residency Visa. Te country offers good working opportunities and better standard of living.

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