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Key Updates of Australia ACS and VETASSES for Competencies Assessment

Posted on: Thu, Feb 06 2020

Key Updates of Australia ACS and VETASSES for Competencies Assessment

The Australia Computer Society (ACS) has updated the requirements of key competencies assessment and applicants who are planning to apply for Australia qualification visa in 2020, they need to carry through all these suitable changes.

What are new updates by the ACS?

  • The Candidates will provide scanned colored copies of all relevant documents because scanned black and white copies are no longer accepted.
  • The Candidate need to provide two separate forms of proof of payment to support the application for employment.
  • An affidavit or affidavit from depositor shall prove the employment relationship with the candidate.

What are the documents requirement for Australia PR Visa

Updates of Affidavit

These guidelines are clear in approving or accepting statutory statements or affidavits besides letters of experience from Organization.

Entrusted or Statutory declarations are not accepted if:

  • They are from fellow junior.
  • They do not include words that have been signed or sworn before or that have been witnessed earlier.
  • Declare that arbitrator agrees with what is written over another document of candidate.
  • Notary along with stamp and signature which does not represent that the signature is being witnessed by referee.
  • The Signature of Notary only indicates certified copy.
  • The statement was seen on another day.
  • The above responsibilities and tasks are pasted and copied directly by ANSZCO.

Additionally, there should be a legal statement of supervisor and applicant’s letter of service. Also, an explanation of company’s letterhead which states the reasons of why they are unable to provide an official document of responsibilities and duties on letterhead.

Payment Receipts Updates

The candidate needs to submit any two documents as proof of payments from the following:

  • Status of Provisional funds for all years.
  • Bank Statements to show salary credits for each year.
  • Quarterly remuneration for all years.

Changes by Australia VETASSESS

The Australia VETASSESS has announced significant changes under project organization charts and information as:

  • The organizational charts are now obligatory for professions of key management like management consultant, internal auditor, marketing specialist and project manager.
  • Project proof is also obligatory for occupations like project manager and management consultant.
  • The model project list needs to be offered for these professions.
  • It is to be noted that there is also a change in criteria for general occupations and any reevaluation or revision need to submit after 7 January 2020 that will be accessed on the basis of new criteria.

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