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Keen to Invite Migrants into Regional Australia: Dutton

Wed, Apr 18 2018

Keen to Invite Migrants into Regional Australia: Dutton

The reports are doing rounds of Australia’s Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton speaking to Australian radio station for reducing the intake of migrants ”where we believe it’s in our national interest.” Reacting to the firstspeech made by the new Liberal Senator Jim Molan’s where he expressed concern over whether Australian cities had enough space and infrastructure for locals and migrants, Dutton said that there will be limitations on new migrants if it appears that on any given point, there is no infrastructure or space for the increased population.

Although Dutton is very keen to introduce migrants into regional Australia. He said, “We have to try and encourage people out into regions, we have to reduce the numbers where we believe it’s in our national interest.” He further added that they have to work together to bring in what’s best for the country’s interest. He also emphasized on the over population in around Sydney and people should be motivated to move to Melbourne.

There are some regions and sectors where there is need for staff as locals are unable to meet certain criteria in specialized fields. Thus, migrants are required in such areas where the population is low and the area is in constant need of skilled workers.

International migrants are helping in providing the stability to the regional Australian communities. A majority of migrants being young, they have the potential to build families and work in the regional area of Australia.

A research was conducted with the Regional Australia Institute that examined the Census data 2016, founded 151 regional local government areas were helping to offset declining population in regional areas by attracting international migrants.

For many small towns, the overseas-born are the only source of population growth. These places rely primarily on economic viability and are not completely rural, they are not in the most remote parts of Australia. 

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