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Its Ministers VS Critics on Australia Immigration Language Amendment

Sat, Mar 17 2018

Its Ministers VS Critics on Australia Immigration Language Amendment

A satisfactory English language skills is mandatory for any skilled worker who wish to become a permanent resident of global economic countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. however, this requirement has often created problems by inviting criticism from many people. Now, same things are seen in case of Australia too.

For all the applicants who are planning to immigrate to Australia may find this piece heartbreaking as hard-hitting citizenship minister has, reportedly, launched the idea of making the English Language test tougher.

The proposal however, has not gone down well with the critics and decriers claiming that the proposed changes reflect the government’s mindset of destroying the country’s distinctive diversity.

Contrary, the present minister stated that the nation’s multiculturalism structure is at a high risk unless interference of major rule positively addresses the matter of lower rates of integration, and the decreasing language abilities. He further added that the Australia is the most successful multicultural country across the globe but one cannot take Australia multiculturalism for granted.

Lodging more on the issue, he further added that there are sufficient proofs prevailing in the country which shows that people are not integrating the way they did earlier.

Understanding the importance of English Language, the poorer English can denotes the possibility of receiving a reasonably good job.

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Also, a research was conducted which states that the migrants who spoke English exceedingly well were 3.7 times more expected to get a job in 18 months, post landing in the country, as compared to those whose English is not up to the mark.

Critics therefore tend to differ, according to them several generations of the non-English speaking migrants have literally assessed in developing the Australian society, and possessing a university standard level of English never mattered earlier, and nor should it be a pointer of one’s worth in the nation.

In this regard, a large number of petitions have been signed by the Australians and presented to the senators, and they were successful. And in certain cases where the administration fails to protect the nation’s diversity, the Senate and the Australian society will always be there to rescue all over again. 

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