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International Students Are Required In Regional Areas Of Australia

Sat, Sep 29 2018

International Students Are Required In Regional Areas Of Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is planning to encourage overseas students to move to regional areas to ease the population congestion in the most populated states Sydney and Melbourne areas.

The Prime Minister says that places like Adelaide and north is in constant need of more people to come and settle in the state for economic contribution and on the other hand, Sydney and Melbourne are over-populated and currently is not in position to invite more skilled workers.

Therefore, plans have to be undertaken to move the population where it is actually more wanted.

Australia immigration department saw intake of 786,000 students in 2017. However, very less percentage of students moved to the regional areas, as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. So, the government is initiating some programs to invite overseas students in the regional universities.

The Vice-Chancellor of University of New England, Annabelle Duncan says that overseas students get to interact more with community in the regional areas and get to learn the true Australian experience. The use of English language is also more between the local and the overseas students as it is the most common thread that connects national and international students.

Though, the body representing international students feels that the regional areas are not well-equipped with the facilities that are necessary for international students.

The president of the Council of International Students Australia feels that the regional institute of Australia does not have the courses that the city universities offer. Additionally, the president also feels that there is lack of work opportunities in the small areas as compared to the big corporations set up in the cities.

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