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Intake of more Immigrants by Australia

Posted on: Wed, Oct 30 2019

Intake of more Immigrants by Australia

The Government of Australia said on Saturday that it would enhance the number of visas for skilled workers those who want to migrate to country’s regions. With a bid to little pressure on major cities of Australia where the populations are rising as twice as fast, the government decided to settle the coming immigrants to regional areas.

In accordance with the statement issued by the PM Scott Morrison’s office, the Australian government will raise the regional migration program intake from 23,000 to 25,000. But, it does not indicate that the country will take more immigrants.

Morrison commented that Australia is in the path of growing its regional areas. Besides this, the government is also in force to ease the pressure on major cities. By supporting the Australia’s regional areas will form an efficient and effective economy for the Country. Migrants can apply for Visa 491 for regional migration.

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The Government of Morrison’s has been decided to down the intake of annual immigration from 190,000 before to 160,000 people on 1st July. A total of 25,000 visas are for those who are eager to stay within the smaller regions and cities.

According to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), it is about a third of resident population of Australia were born overseas.

As Australia considered as highly urbanized country, it has the highest population growth rates given by OECD. Also, by 2016 government census data, it has around two-thirds of Australian’s population staying in the capitals of territories and states.

As the data estimated by recent Government in between 2017 and 2018, the number of people staying in cities raised at twice the rate the number of people staying outside. It is around 79 percent growth of capital city of total population growth of Australia.

Those immigrants who have desire to migrate to Australia’s regional areas may approach for priority processing. The international university graduates holders, who want to stay in these areas, will be able to apply for further time on the visa of post study work in Australia.

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