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Inflated Rules for Permanent Residence Permit

Thu, Jan 04 2018

Inflated Rules for Permanent Residence Permit

For permanent residence permit, applications will be refused in future if he/she has worked against the establishment of his/her identity. On 14TH December 2017, the Danish parliament made way for a bill which means that those applying for permanent residence permit will get a denial, if they have worked deliberately against the immigration authorities’ establishment of their actual identity.

The bill is applicable to all first time applications for residence permit in Denmark that has been submitted from 1st January 2018 and onwards.

It is an elementary requirement in application for residence. The applicants can seal their identity with a text e.g. with a national passport or other travel certification/paper. If the applicants failed to do so, the immigration authorities will be assessing whether the identity can be considered as properly established on the grounds of supplementary information.

During the case processing, the applicants must speak the fact and subsidise with the establishment of their identity and background. If the applicants refuse to give an explanation, or if the applicants give unreliable or false explanations, it can be considered as a thoughtful act and it will work against the establishment of the real identity.

Such applicants will then, not be granted a permanent residence permit in near future, unless very unusual reasons apply.

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