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Indian Tourists To Australia Are Rapidly Increasing!

Wed, Mar 06 2019

Indian Tourists To Australia Are Rapidly Increasing!

The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) released the statistics stating the number of Indian tourists to Australia is fast increasing.

The report released showed that between December 2017 and December 2018 recorded an increase of 13.3 percent of Indian tourists whereas Japan recorded an increase of 12.4 percent followed by Singaporean tourists by 8.1 percent.

Apart from the increase in footfall, Australia also saw a decrease in tourists from the UK by 3.4 percent and Germany bad 2.4 percent.

Total of 31,200 Indian Tourists visited Australia in December 2018.

China had the highest number of short-term visitors to Australia at 121,100 followed by New Zealand with 115,900 visitors and USA came in 3rd spot with 67,900 tourists and UK came fourth with 60,800 tourists in December 2018.

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Though India tourists' numbers are definitely growing but it was not on the top-4 list of short-term visitors to Australia in December 2018.

The total number of 9.2 million short-term visitors came to Australia in 2018. The month of December 2018 saw the most number of arrivals at 1.1 million while May saw the minimum footfall at 609,450.

There were 357,000 Indian short-term visitors to Australia in 2018 as a contrast to 2017. There was an increase of 18.2 percent as per SBS News.

Also, this time there were more women travelers as opposed to men travelers for Australia. The ABS statistics say 4.8 million women visitors came to Australia as compared to 4.4 million men.

Indian market is not far behind in terms of visitors flocking the country all thanks to the extensive marketing done in India by Tourism Australia in recent times.

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