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Indian origin Australia PR application finalized in a day!

Fri, Aug 17 2018

Indian origin Australia PR application finalized in a day!

Indian origin man seeking permanent residency filed for the skilled migration visa category received Australia PR in one day after a special consideration was made by Australian visa authorities.

An Indian residing in Melbourne has been granted permanent residency on a priority basis after tragedy struck his family.

Twenty-eight year old Diljit Singh* first arrived as an international student in Australia and later applied for Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 190. Mr. Singh’s younger brother died of a medical condition earlier this month. Thus, given the tragic personal conditions a request for ‘Special Consideration’ was made to the Department of Home Affairs.

Seeing the special consideration the visa authorities responded within one day with a positive outcome to the application.

The concerned migration agent of Mr. Singh told SBS Punjabi that it is one of the rare cases where the department has intervened to accommodate a plea on the grounds of exceptional circumstances. He was granted permanent residency on Tuesday August 14 after an appeal was made to the department a day before on 13th August. This does not happen under normal circumstances.

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The department was kind enough to consider his case that now allows him to travel to India to escort his younger’s brother body from Melbourne to back home.

Usually, the Australian Permanent Residency processing time under Australia visa subclass 190 takes around six months to one year to get the visa processed.

Mr. Singh was on bridging visa C that allowed him to travel to India but under this visa, he may not have been able to return to Australia until the 190 visa was granted.

The written statement was released by the Department of Home Affairs that stated the application had only been fast-tracked to accommodate his personal conditions.

It stated, "Whilst it is not our usual practice to prioritize cases, the unusual circumstances and sensitive nature of the client's predicament has resulted in an early review of this particular case."

Similar case was made under ‘special condition’ to the department in the year 2016 when Jaspal Singh who needed a visa to return to Australia after escorting his father’s body home to India.

*name changed on request

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