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Indian mother one of the first recipients for Australia Parent Visa

Fri, Aug 09 2019

Indian mother one of the first recipients for Australia Parent Visa

After the introduction of New Australian Parent Visa in April 2019, one of the first applicants received invitation from Department of Home Affairs (DoHA). Nagender Chetti is a resident of Melbourne and some time back his brother also migrated to Australia. Mr. Chetti would often worry about his mother who lived alone in India. Though, he often tried to visit her as frequent as possible but was not possible.

Mr. Chetti decided to apply for his mother when the new Parent Visa of Australia was introduced. He submitted the sponsorship application as soon as quota opened and proceeded to submit the visa application once the Department of Home Affairs started accepting them.

While submitting the Parent Visa application, Mr. Chetti decided to apply for Australia Tourist Visa for his mother. However, to his great astonishment Parent Visa application was approved in less than 10 days. He did not even submit the normal tourist visa application. After his mother arrival in Australia, it has been a happy reunion for the family.

What are the eligibility to apply for Australia Parent Visa?

David Coleman, Immigration Minister Australia, said that so far 1300 sponsorship applications and 170 visa applications have been submitted. This visa subclass is huge in demand. For the first few families who have been approved, it is a matter of great joy and pride. Applicants who will be approved in the future will share a similar sentiment, as quoted by SBS News.

Though, the new Australia Parent visa was criticized due to its high visa fee which is fixed at $5,000 for 3-year visa while for a 5-year visa it is $10,000.

Mr. Chetti says that even though the fee for this visa is high but it is the only visa that could have brought his mother to Australia for a long period. There is a waiting period of 30 years for permanent parent visa. Even the contributory parent visa has a wait time of 4 to 5 years.

The new Australia Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa allows parents of Australian PRs and citizens to live in the country for up to 5 years. This visa is also renewable for another five years. The cap for Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa is fixed at 15,000 visas for the year.

New Temporary Australia Parent Visa is a hope for many Australian citizens and permanent resident holders to bring their parents to the country for long term.

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