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Indian Labourer Big Dream Fulfilled By Visiting Australia In 2019

Thu, Jul 04 2019

Indian Labourer Big Dream Fulfilled By Visiting Australia In 2019

An Indian farm labourer from Punjab had his dream turned into reality when he landed in Australia. Indian Farmer of Punjab origin, Bagga Singh has a long history of struggle both financial and social. He lived in Ludhiana with much difficulty yet had ‘contentful’ life.

The farmer recently came into limelight on Social Media when he reached Melbourne to visit the children of the family he has been serving in India for nearly half a century.

“I am an ordinary man. It was totally unexpected. I don’t have a big bank balance; neither do I have a blood-relation relative who could sponsor me, and yet it happened,” he told SBS Punjabi. He further added, “I am very happy and thankful to my friends who have organized my visit to Australia.”

He expressed the desire to visit Australia to the Indian Australian family he has been working for over the last 45 years in Punjab. “I wanted to see the place where they are currently living in Australia,” he said.

The family gas given him ‘much respect’ and his services have always been highly regarded by all the family members living both in India and Australia.

Melbourne-based Amritpal Singh Babba sponsored Bagga Singh’s visit to Australia by arranging the requirements for Australia Tourist Visa. His video showing Mr. Singh arrival in Melbourne has since gone viral with nearly ten thousand people sharing it. Mr.Singh visited his native village Bilaspur early this year when Bagga expressed his desire to visit Australia.

What are the Australia tourist visa requirements?

However, not everyone is happy with other’s happiness and so was the case with Mr. Bagga when other co-workers used to tease him, pointing towards the sky, and saying, “there goes Bagga’s airplane’ or they poked him by asking if he had purchased his luggage yet.

So, Mr. Babba applied for Australia Tourist Visa for Mr. Singh and it was thankfully granted too.

Under normal circumstances, any person willing to travel Australia from India are required to show the authorities that they have sufficient money to pay for their travel, besides the evidence that they have a strong reason to return to India.

Mr. Singh is also planning to visit beautiful location of Australia like Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Yarra Valley, Phillip Island and much more.

Australia is a great tourist destination and if you wish to know more in this regard, contact the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global by filling the Australia Immigration Assessment Form.

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