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India Ranks First Largest Source Nation for Australia PR

Tue, Apr 03 2018
India Ranks First Largest Source Nation for Australia PR

India has emerged as the number one origin nation for Australia PR migrants in the year 2017 with 38,900 people receiving Australian Permanent Resident visa from India. In the past 20 years, India along with China has been the main contributor as the largest source nation for Australia PR migrants.

The top ten source nation for Australia PR migrants in the year 2017 are as follows:

  • India- 38,900
  • China-28,300
  • UK-17,000
  • Philippines-12,200
  • Pakistan-6,600
  • Vietnam-5,500
  • South Africa-4,600
  • Nepal-4,300
  • Malaysia-4,000
  • Ireland-3,900

India, China, and UK are the top three countries from where the maximum immigrants came to Australia. From the year 1996 onwards, there has been a shift towards skilled migration immigration as opposed to family class immigration, as quoted by Guardian. The shift is only because of the Australian government constant efforts to fill its labor market with highly skilled and qualified workers in the fields which have skill shortage.

In the past 20 years, an increase has also been seen in the provisional immigration to Australia, the increase was mainly because of two major pathways namely Student Visas and Subclass 457 visas.  A three times increase in the percentage of overseas students coming to Australia has also been recorded, reaching 340,000+ per year from 113,000 in 1996.

In the report of 2016 by the Australia Productivity Commission, it has been concluded that the social and economic life of the nation is being defined by immigration. Seeing the latest figures, it has also been projected that the Australia will see arriving of 50 Million Visitor in the year 2020.

Jock Collins, professor at the University of Technology, Sydney has analyzed the immigration trends in Australia for last 40 years. According to him, Australia is a nation of immigration without any doubt. He further added that more than 28 percent of the Australian population is born overseas. 

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