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Increase of Plumbers and Electricians Demand with High Offer Price in Australia

Mon, Aug 06 2018

Increase of Plumbers and Electricians Demand with High Offer Price in Australia

Australia has been regularly updating its skilled migration occupation lists that mention the occupation that requires skilled workers to balance its labour market.

The occupational lists not only mentions white collar jobs like doctor, engineers and lawyers but there are several trade jobs as well in the Australia’s Skilled Occupational Lists (SOL). These include Electrician, Plumber, Bricklayer, Carpenter, Cabinetmaker etc.

Due to the increase in development of the major cities of the Land Down Under, the skilled trades’ workers are in great demand. The latest reports have revealed that these jobs have earned a huge hike in the wages.

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Service Seeking Au, the service hiring website has revealed that Removalists in NSW has gained the highest hourly wage increase- as mentioned in the 2018 Rich List for Trades Jobs. The increase was 76% for the removalists at 95.21$/hour, as quoted by the Business Tech.

Plumbers and electricians across Australia are also mentioned in the list. They have an average hourly pay at 87$ and 77$ respectively. These occupations are also listed on Australia’s skilled occupational lists. Also, plasters and joiners are in the list too.

There has been a strong wage hourly hike for plumbers with 3.1% or 87$ per hour.

The wages of the electricians are increased due to their specific skills like SAP PM-SAP Plant Maintenance, PLC- Programmable Logic Controllers, Switching and Routing, Artisan and Plant

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