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Increase In Australia PR Chances Leads To Australia Passport Becoming Powerful

Tue, Jul 17 2018

Increase In Australia PR Chances Leads To Australia Passport Becoming Powerful

The Australian passport has been ranked 6th most powerful passport. Also, the Australia PR is now increasingly being favoured by overseas immigrants. The report is as per the latest Henley Passport Index that asses every nation ease of passport offers.

As compared to 7th position previous year, Australia has ranked 6th on this year index. Australian can now travel to 183 countries visa-free in the world, as quoted by SBS.

If you also want to be a part of the most powerful passport country, the first step is by applying a permanent residency of Australia.

United Nations has voted Australia as the second based nation in the world for offering quality of life. Thus, Australia is attracting many migrants to come and work in their country.

The applicants who are Australia PR holders are allowed to enter and exit in the nation for indefinite times.

What are the points criteria for Australia Permanent Residency Visa?

Some of the benefits of applying Australian Permanent Residency are:

  • You can live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time
  • You can sponsor your eligible relatives for permanent residency
  • After staying for three years as Australia PR holder, you may apply for Australian citizenship (holder of Australia passport)
  • You can get student loans
  • Avail free medical facilities
  • Free education for children below 18 years of age
  • You get social security benefits

Therefore, if you wish to check your eligibility for Australia PR to ultimately get Australian Passport, it is suggested to get your free assessment test done that will evaluate your chances further.

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