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Immigration is Pivotal to Australia Prosperity

Sat, Apr 21 2018

Immigration is Pivotal to Australia Prosperity

New developments should be done to increase infrastructure; cutting down migration is no solution

Australia is enthralled by the most important policy debates revolving around the immigration concerns like what are the optimum level of immigration, overall population growth and of indispensable investments for infrastructure? The reason is the growing number of population in Sydney and Melbourne which are most acutely affected by the traffic congestion, crowded public transport and housing affordability concerns. Recently, report was released by Melbourne City Council arguing for two more underground rail tunnels to curb the bottleneck.

Australia population growth has been growing by about 2 percent a year which is twice the international average of 35 wealthy and industrialized nations. Immigration has contributed around 60 percent towards Australia overall population. The number of immigration intakes have been close to 18,000 leading to the cap of 190,000 in recent years. Further, tourism, seasonal labour, and tertiary study visas have also been granted. It’s not about people shifting in million to Australia every year; close to half are already here and are switching to a new status as their effort for permanent residency progresses.

Policy has played a huge role in compelling immigration is of net economic and social benefit, a conception armored in recent days by a study jointly released by the federal Treasury and the Department of Home Affairs. This report had two key messages: immigration stimulates economic growth; and immigration at relatively high levels of the past 15 years or so adds pressure on the infrastructure. The result concluded was: whether Australia should, at least temporarily, reduce the number of people moving here, either as the permanent residence of Australia or coming here to study/ and or work.

Immigration is the key component for Australia’s in demand economic and multicultural success. Its overall effect is explicitly positive. The country’s concern over the pace of infrastructure is reasonable however, the solution is not to significantly cut the beneficial program but to build infrastructure. The federal budget of Australia will be out in few weeks. Thus, the government needs to use the population projection wisely in favor of Australia’s prosperity and growth. 

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