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How an Australian immigration system would operate?

Tue, Nov 12 2019

How an Australian immigration system would operate?

A points-based system of Australia will permit Britain to manage the number of people move into the country after Brexit and as per the Conservatives, many professionals are needed like nurses.

“How such type of system would operate?” the issue that is to be told by PA news agency

What is the “Australian points-based system”?

The system is known as the general skilled migration (GSM) program, to which the immigrants apply for a visa are based on “economically appropriate features” for example education, work experience, and language skills.

The education of an applicant will affect on how much points they will earn.

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How does the Australian points system work?

The points that are allocated depend on the policy and the labor market however an applicant selects a “skilled occupation” from the list and requires to score the least number of points.  

The visa application is submitted through online following a series of checks and needs identity documents, personal, employment, financial and contact details, education, travel history, and health.

Example of an Australian point-based system?

Applicants aged between 25 to 32 will earn 30 points.

Earning the highest points includes the following features:

  • 25 to 32 years of age will award (30 points).
  • A “higher” level of English will award (up to 20 points).
  • 8 or more than 8 years of skilled work experience (In Australia, it will award 20 points and overseas, it will be 15 points).
  • Formal educational credentials (award up to 20 points for Ph.D. with further to gain if they studied in Australia).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Australian points system?


  • This system aiming to deal with specific skill and staff shortages.
  • “The point-based system that used through Canada, Australia and by New Zealand would replace colonial-era systems to which explicitly discriminated between applicant that are based on ethnicity and race”, as per Gamlen.
  • The Australian point-based system is regarded as quite fair, most objective and thorough capping the amount of some visas, allowing the country to select what it considers as “the best immigrants”.
  • It will facilitate specific staff shortages and skill and avoid the competition along with native workers for the category of low skilled jobs, by which it would lift unemployment and fuel ethnic tension.


  • It is occasionally argued that the criteria like language proficiency, it will discriminate by default.
  • Even the Government updated the lists of desirable skills; they would never effectively match the requirements of employers.

The consequences of this mismatch of employees are that skilled migrants almost end up with unskilled worker that leads to “brain waste” (for example, surgeons end up with driving taxis).

How complex could it be to take to the UK?

There is a need for a major overhaul in the UK’s current system. An Australian point’s based system includes a data collection in the long term, consultation and research.

The attitudes and culture in the immigration of both countries i.e., Australia and the UK, could differ and could play in shaping how such type of system would operate. The system there has operated over decades and it will carry on changing. So that it will meet the requirements of skill shortages. 

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