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Hike in Australia Visa Charges From 1st July 2018!

Mon, Jul 02 2018

Hike in Australia Visa Charges From 1st July 2018!

This is to bring in kind notice to the Australia visa applicants that The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has increased its Visa Application charges (VAC) for a number of visas lodged on or after 1 July.

The Visa application fees are reviewed twice a year and the changes are released on 1 January and 1 July respectively.

The visa application fees have been raised for the following Australian permanent residency visas:

The General Skilled Migration visas 189 and 190- the permanent residency visa fees have increased from existing $3670 to $37552, an increase of 2.3% in the visa fee. Adult dependent and child dependent visa too has gone up from $1835 and $925 respectively to $1875 to $940.

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Australia’s tourist visa has gone up from $135 to $140.

Applicants for Australia Partner visa will have to spend more on visa fees from %7000 to $7160 an increase of 3% in visa fees is seen.

Australia parent visa (first instalment) has increased from $330 to $3770, as opposed to $340 to $3855, an overall increase of 2.3% to 3%. There is no change in the second instalment of Australia contributory parent visa.

There has been an increase of 2.3% visa hike in business migration- Entrepreneur visa from $3670 to $3755 and a significant increase of 2.2% visa hike in significant investment visa from $7150 to $7310.

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