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Foreign skilled workers are top CEOs of Australia!

Thu, Jan 24 2019

Foreign skilled workers are top CEOs of Australia!

A recent study has found out that a migrant place of birth can actually determine your success in Australia. The Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University published a report on Australia’s 2011 census data. The report said that the Australian workforce was extremely diverse.

English-Speaking immigrants from countries like the US, the UK, Canada and South Africa were placed at top positions in Australian job market. However, Indians also had representations but are comparatively less as compared to US and UK. Slowly and steadily Indian population in Australia is climbing up ladders of success.

People born in Australia still account for 70% of all the CEOs and MDs in Australia as opposed to 8.1% of all top bosses in Australia were born in England whereas English people make up almost 4.9% of the Australian workforce.

The Migrants from English-Speaking countries made up 16.7% of all Australian CEOs and MD and 10.2% of the Australian workforce. On the other hand, non-English speaking countries made up 13.2% of the top positions and 16.8% of the total workforce.

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Among second-generation immigrants, those of Lebanese and Greek heritage had a higher representation in senior positions. A new study follows data published by the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2018. It is also found that people from European backgrounds made up of 97% of the CEO and 95% of the executive in Australia.

Additionally, the study also found that the representation of women in senior positions was pretty less in Australia. Out of 50,000 CEOs and MDs in Australia, only 19.3% were women, as per SBS News.

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