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Fijian National Shamsher Ali Got Australian Visa Cancelled Over Domestic Violence

Wed, Jun 26 2019

Fijian National Shamsher Ali Got Australian Visa Cancelled Over Domestic Violence

A Fijian national convicted of perpetrating domestic violence against his wife including beating her up in front of his young grandchildren will be deported from Australia.

A man claiming to be impoverished if sent back to his home country after the visa got cancelled for beating up his wife in front of his young grandchildren will be deported from Australia.

Fijian National Shamsher Ali, a 60-year old came to Australia in 1988 when he was 29 years. His permanent visa was cancelled over his “substantial criminal record” including domestic violence offences after he was ordered to serve a nine-month jail term in 2017.

He was already been convicted number of times for criminal offences including in March 2010 when he assaulted his wife and he had been given a 12-month suspended sentence on entering good behavior bond.

In April 2017, he committed a serious crime act of domestic violence against his wife, leaving her with facial injuries and police was called. He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and his resident return visa was cancelled in June 2017 on character grounds while he was still in jail.

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Mr. Ali thought of getting his visa cancellation overturned, however, the Tribunal said, “A man who beats his wife in front of one of his grandchildren, has been before the courts on some seven occasions for assaulting people, has been sentenced to three separate terms of imprisonment, has an appalling driving record which evidences a complete contempt for laws of Australia and blames his wife for her own victimhood, should not be the holder of an Australian visa,”

Mr. Ali has been unable to work since 2009 due to work-related injury and is being cared by his partner in recent years. He said because of his injury he wouldn’t be able to secure employment in Fiji. His appeal is still heard by AAT and said, if he was to be removed from Australia, he would have to sell his four-bedroom house in Western Sydney and his family would have nowhere to live. Though, the Tribunal observed the proceeds from the sale would be sufficient for him to live comfortably in Fiji.

The appeal was dismissed with the costs and this shows Australian immigration department in no circumstances tolerate the misbehavior or bad character, however long term you are residing in the country. If you are found to be of bad character or convicted with crime, the department will face deportation there and then.

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