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Fake Driver License Cancelled Migrant’s Australian Citizenship

Mon, Jun 24 2019

Fake Driver License Cancelled Migrant’s Australian Citizenship

A driver who migrate Australia by sea and becomes Australian permanent resident nine years ago has had his visa officially canceled when it was caught that he used fake driving license to get an Australian license.

26 years old Ali Haidari was granted with permanent protection visa when he migrate Australia by sea. He applied for Australian citizenship in November which was also approved. But the approval of Australian citizenship was canceled after it was found Mr. Ali used a counterfeit Afghan driver's license and used it to obtain an Australian driver's license.

Mr. Ali was caught about the fake driver license when he had an interview with the department of home affairs to make an up to date assessment of his identity. In an interview he told that “I needed a job,” he told the officers, adding that when he came out of the detention center, he applied for jobs but those required a car and driver license.

What are the Documents Required to apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa?

When Mr. Ali asked about the Afghan driver's license he said, no it was not genuine. After this, the administrative appeals Tribunal quashed his application to review a decision to cancel the approval for his Australian citizenship on the basis that he was not a good character.

Therefore it is very important to have genuine and complete documentation to apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa. The immigration department wills cross check all details and if found not genuine it will be canceled.

Also, the applicant must have complete information for the Australian immigration process before applying. Incomplete information or inaccurate documentation may be one of the reasons of your visa refusal.

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