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Effect on Australia Temporary visa due to Corona virus epidemic

Posted on: Wed, Apr 08 2020

Effect on Australia Temporary visa due to Corona virus epidemic

Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is now making various changes to temporary visa holders because of Coronavirus outbreak to look after the lives and health of Australians, sustain critical industries and to assist with recovery of this virus. Around 2.17 million of individuals currently living in Australia on a temporary visa. All these people invited for various reasons like filling skill shortages, studying purposes and to visit family and friends.

Candidates with holding temporary visa are enormously valuable to the Australian economy as well as it way of living. Although, the reality is that Australians find some disturbances due to Coronavirus crisis that are currently facing. There are some changes that will apply to major classes of temporary visa holders. These mentions in the following as:

  • Visitor Visa

There are approximately 203,000 international visitors living in Australia on a visa lasting three months or less. International visitors are required to return back to home as soon as possible especially without family support. Most of applicants are already doing this and others need to follow their lead.  

  • Temporary Skilled Visa

There are around 139000 temporary skilled visa holders either they are on two year or four year visa including visa 491. They have given this visa in order to fill skill shortage in Australia. These types of Visa holders will able to access for up to $10000 of their superannuation in this year. Those visa holders who lay off because of coronavirus should leave the country if they cannot secure a new sponsor.

  • Working holiday Visa

There are around 118000 people on Working holiday Visa in Australia. It is visa which provides conditional work rights. If working holiday visa holders have no confidence to support themselves in next 6 months, they should need to make arrangements to leave the country.

There are around 185,000 temporary visa holder in Australia and about half of them are temporary graduate visa holders.

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