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Easy Chances Of Australia PR For Low Skilled Workers

Thu, Dec 13 2018

Easy Chances Of Australia PR For Low Skilled Workers

The new regional migration agreement states that some states of Australia are planning to lower the requirements for language, skills and work experience to invite foreign workers on permanent basis. Ultimately, these workers will be able to apply for Australia PR in the near future.

Northern Territory and Victoria are two of the Australian states that will lower basic requirements for the foreign workers willing to come and settle in the country. The applicants applying under regional migration agreement must stay for at least 3 years and after meeting this requirement will become eligible to apply for Australian Permanent Residency visa.

The Australian Immigration Minister, David Coleman said the government is improving the program to meet the needs of the regions by meeting the labour requirements to close the employment gap in the regional areas.

At present the Australian PR pathway through a work visa is only available to foreign workers in skilled occupations.

The new system is introduced known DAMAs (Designated Area Migration Agreements) that opens up new immigration pathway for migrants with lower skills to apply for Australia PR.

DAMA would offer job-offer letter to semi-skilled workers who would be later on able to apply for an Australia PR.

The Northern Territory employers fail to attract and hold skilled workers because of its remote location and extreme climate. Thus, DAMA has been introduced mentioning 117 occupations that will invite applicants with lesser requirement of English skills and lower salary. The eligible applicants will be able to apply Australia PR.

The employers of NT are hopeful that more people moving to NT will mean more jobs, a better economy and more revenue. This will eventually result in better roads, schools and hospitals.

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Additionally, a separate DAMA would be signed for the Warrambool region for dairy, meat processing and agricultural sectors.

The Australian government is discussing the possibility of a five-year residency requirement for a regional visa. Though, with new DAMA, it is unclear what conditions the migrant workers would need to fulfill. Though, it is still unclear how long or under what conditions the migrant workers would need to stay in the regional areas.

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