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DHA No Longer Accepts TOEFL-PBT for Australia Student Visas

Tue, Jul 10 2018

DHA No Longer Accepts TOEFL-PBT for Australia Student Visas

The Department of Home Affairs have announced that TOEFL-PBT will no longer be accepted for the Australian Student Visa as proof of English language proficiency.

Paper-based test for Test of English as a Foreign Language is now not being accepted for the Australia Student Subclass 500 visa applications, as quoted by the SBS.

TOEFL-PBT was last revised in October 2017 and it does not have a measurement for speaking skills in English and to immigrate to Australia there is requirement for assessing the English speaking ability of an applicant.

DHA has time and again said that assessing the speaking skills in the English Language is mandatory. This is done to ensure that applicants possess the ability for effective communication.

The TOEFL-PBT was changed last year. Therefore, the test is removed from the acceptable tests for the English language for Australia Student Visas.

However, TOEFL internet based test is still valid but it is not a favoured test in Australia for immigration purposes.

Apart for TOETL PBT there are other language options which are acceptable by Australia immigration authority.

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The test result of English Language proficiency is valid for 2 years.

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