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Contributory Route- The Fastest way to get Australia Parent Visa

Tue, Jun 19 2018

Contributory Route- The Fastest way to get Australia Parent Visa

The parents who want to settle with their children in Australia on a permanent basis have to wait really long for their dream to get fulfilled. As per the recent report, the waiting list to sponsor is a parent is more than 30 years.

A long waiting period of 30 years is disheartening and thus, the government of Australia have found a way out through comparatively shorter route and this paying to apply for contribution visas.

Basically, there are 4 types of visa categories under Contribution visa namely:

  • Contributory parent visa (subclass 173) – For temporary residency
  • Contributory Parent visa (Subclass 143) – For permanent residency
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Subclass 884) – For temporary residency
  • Contributory Aged Parent visa (Subclass 864) – For permanent residency

The above mentioned visas have 2-3 years processing time that is much lesser than 30 years waiting period.

The temporary visa allows a parent to come and live in Australia for a period of 2 years and after that an applicant can apply for permanent visa. Also, an applicant can directly apply for the permanent visa as well.

The temporary visa payments can be done in parts whereas the permanent visa payment has to be paid in one payment.

The current fees to be paid for temporary contributory visa is $29,130, this amount is paid in starting and further payment of $19,420 when application is made for the permanent visa, the total amount for contributory permanent visa is $43,600.

To be eligible, an applicant needs to pass the balance of family test, health and character requirements along with the assurance of support by the child that is sponsoring you.

If thus visa is applied in Australia, an applicant can obtain a bridging visa to remain in Australia till the time temporary visa is granted.

The contributory visas are much faster as compared to other parent visas and give the sense of security to parents to their long term ability to remain as permanent residents in Australia.

If you wish to know about the different Australia PR visas and its eligibility, our team is always available to discuss the best immigration options on the basis of your profile and preference. Fill the free assessment form and connect to our team of experts also read AptechVisa reviews for our clients feedback.

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