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Claim Extra 5 Points For Australia PR Through Credential Community Language Test (CCL)

Mon, Jul 30 2018
Claim Extra 5 Points For Australia PR Through Credential Community Language Test (CCL)

The Australian immigration department recently increased the Australia pass points from 60 to 65. Thus, making it quite difficult for the eligible applicants to reach the pass point score, there are several workers looking for options to enhance their immigration score.

The potential applicants are now enhancing their scores by passing a language test from NAATI called CCL- Credentialed Community Language offered by National Accreditation Authority for Translator and Interpreters. This test gives 5 additional points to the applicants that are successful for their Australia Skilled Immigration points score.

Know in depth about Australia Point System

CCL test assess the ability of an applicant to interpret the conversation. This is between two speakers conversant in diverse languages.

There has been an increase in the numbers of migrant attempting CCL to score extra CCL 5 points for Australia skilled immigration

Out of many options to increase the point threshold, NAATI CCL is also one of them. It is easier for people to give teat at a conversational level.

To be able to apply for Australian permanent residency, an applicant has to score at least 65 points out of 100 on Australia Assessment grid. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language ability and other factors.

To know more about the Australian immigration process, fill the free assessment form.


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