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Choose the Smart way to Become Resident to Australia

Fri, Jan 24 2020

Choose the Smart way to Become Resident to Australia

Australia is a country where migration and tourism are major activities. Internationally, people want to live and relocate in Australia due to several benefits offered to immigrants.

Skilled migrants have better chances to gain an Australia permanent residency. The talent and skill procurement plans of Australia hold wide open door to aspiring immigrants to become permanent residents. These kind of programs usually entice potential migrants from across world particularly India.

There are various factors seek to attract most of migrants such as:

  • Healthcare and work benefits to aspirants and their family.
  • An Australia Permanent resident is free to work and live anywhere within the country.
  • Free Education up to certain age.
  • Options available to apply for eligible family relatives.
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship after competing certain period.

Australia has allotted different migrant categories for desirable applicants. However, it has cut down invitation places under skilled migrant stream. Thus, you need to be smart to indentify categories that offer ample opportunities. These programs will aid you to work and enter in to Australia.

Australia Skilled Migration Program

Calculate Immigration Score to apply for Australia Skilled Migration Program

Australia requires and appreciates intake of skilled migrants. An aspirant is needed to score higher points on the Australia point assessment grid to grab the opportunity. The government of Australia has allotted major places under skilled migration programs. Following are the visa types that mentioned under this program:

  • Skilled Independent Subclass (189) visa:

While having this visa, skilled workers can permanently live and work in Australia. If you think that this visa suits you, you need to follow certain things. Check if your occupation is in demand under skilled occupational list, gain a minimum 65 immigration points, submit an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect, wait patiently for invitation and do apply for visa with relevant documents.

  • Skilled Nominated Subclass (190) visa:

The Visa allows an aspirant to permanently reside and settle in the country. Under the Subclass 190, you are required to get a nomination from Australian state or territory.On granting this visa, you can become permanent resident of Australia and also you can add family members when submit an application or before your visa is finalized.

  • Skilled Work Regional (provisional) Subclass (491) visa:

The 491 visa is a provisional visa lets you to live and work for 5 years. Your family members can also stay in Australia but for designated regional area or territory of Australia.

For further updates and information regarding Australia Permanent Residency visa and other visa services, connect with Aptech Global. By filling the online assessment form, one of our Australia visa consultant will soon contact and reach you. 

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