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Bushfires in Australia set closed to Universities of Canberra

Mon, Jan 20 2020

Bushfires in Australia set closed to Universities of Canberra

As of now, Australia is facing crises of bushfire in the state of Victory and New South Wales. Around 24 human lives and half billion of wild animals have claimed. The thousands of homes get destroyed along with several people.

Though Australia encounters with fire season every season but this year has been terrible. Hot temperatures of nearly 48.9 degree Celsius and strong winds have caused the fire so rapidly. Also, change of climate affects weather patterns that intensify the bushfires.

So, how it effects the foreign students who return in Australia after Christmas Holidays?

As Smoke coming from bushfires result in Air pollution to rise, it makes the air quality at hazardous level. The state of New South Wales announced a state emergency in beginning last Friday. On the other hand, Canberra is the worst sufferer by becoming air quality worst in the world. The state is covered with a thick orange cloud as of smoke from bushfires.

Both the Australia National University and University of Canberra have closed their campus because of bad air quality.

As per the statement by ANU, it states that due to rapid increase of hazardous conditions in the Australian Capital Territory and its surrounding, the campuses at Kioloa, Acton and Mt Stromlo have been closed on January 6th and 7th. The university of Canberra website stated that due to hazardous air conditions and power stays, the Bruce Campus will remain close from 5th January for 48 hours.

Both of the Universities have urged their students to follow the guidelines issued by ACT Health Directorate and the guidelines are mentioned as below:

  • Stay Cool and hydrated.
  • Do not use Air conditioners that draw outside the house.
  • If anyone has a lung or heart conditions, they should take proper medications timely.

The University Campus is remaining open for now. However, the students have been urged to stay away from outdoor activities, especially to those who have respiratory ailments.

Due to many losses in Australia, the coutry is in huge need of Skilled workers and the work force to normalise the conditions of country.

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