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Beware of the Nativist Temptation, Says Australian immigration observer

Mon, Mar 19 2018

Beware of the Nativist Temptation, Says Australian immigration observer

Immigration has been a top contributor to the economy and society of several key destinations like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and may more. This is another concern that immigration still has not got its due in most situations and places, and sometimes, even criticized by those who have their own agendas.

Echoing on the same lines, a keen observer on the Australian Immigration and its impact on the Australian society and its economy, reportedly, says that it is important to be beware of the nativist inclination. He further adds that the national economy’s 26 year development and growth would not have been possible without the inflow of precious human resources not augmented the country.

Australia just completed its 26th consecutive year of economic expansion successfully. Though, it’s all the time happy to announce that, but one major cause doesn’t get sufficient respect. And that’s not about the ascension of the Country’s biggest trading partner, China nor about Oz mineral capital or fiscal stimulus unbridled in 2008-2009 to combat the global recession.

As per the observer, the low force at the back of this development is immigration. The decision makers have a duty to full-throat the role immigration has had in nourishing Australia’s near-celebrated run. There is a worthy story to communicate and the world must listen after all, who doesn’t want economic expansion?

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Australia has its own right-wing throng. The urban-ruler divide similar to Northern Hemisphere readers is changing the framework of discussion in the Australia- although less harshly, in part because mandatory voting continuous the influence of dense population centers and mainstream political parties. There’s a risk that immigration draws attack and the two important political groups- in search to curtail a loss of support- go cold on population renewal too.

The contempt is that just as Australia cool to its point-based immigration system, that approach is getting buzz outside the land. Potential migrants are given a rank on the basis of their skills and experience as per the country’s requirements. Also, the applicant must pass the mandatory health and character tests. There’s an English Language test on the nation’s constitution, history and values.

As per a renowned expert, population growth, almost because of immigration, has improved the national population by 50 percent over the past 30 years. He also added, “Strong” population development has flattered the Australian headline growth numbers. Apparently, the GDP growth looks less splendid; it was nearly zero at the end of year gone by.

Therefore, where the problem is?

To understand better, let’s divide it into two categories. The first is the valid apprehension about the pressure on the environment. Australia is a large country, but huge tracts are rarely occupied. Majorly people live in the selected pockets in the Eastern and Southern shores. Resulting in the emptiness of the infrastructure from the country. Housing cost is beyond out of reach for many, though that’s not an exclusively Australian phenomenon.

The second category is tricky: some varied minded individuals and politicians sees immigration as a vote bank in the outer suburbs or the rural regions of the country. Mandatory voting ensures that since everyone has to come up, the most extreme candidates tend to be counterweight or submerged by more traditional parties. They can still tap votes, win some seats, jangle around and create trouble.

It’s the second category that is the danger today, both powered and compounded by the point that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s conservative partnership has a mere one-seat majority in the Australian parliament’s lower house.

Immigration is an easy, but tricky, subject on which to make hay. Without immigration, Australia’s amazing economic story would not have been such a merry one. For the sake of encompassing 26-year run, politicians should repel the nativist temptation, concludes the observer. 

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