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Australia’s Department of Job and Small Business Responsible for Changes in SOLs

Thu, Jul 12 2018

Australia’s Department of Job and Small Business Responsible for Changes in SOLs

Australia Department of Job and Small Business have offered proposals on Skilled Occupation List. The department keeps on evaluating SOL on regular intervals to meet the needs and requirements of Australia labour market.

The Skilled Occupational lists are applicable to most of the Australia visa programs that involves skilled migrations namely Skilled Nominated visa 190, point-tested, Employer Sponsored Visa and so on.

The DOJSB Australia conducts the review that has 7 stages. They also suggest occupations that must be removed from SOLs by evaluating the demand market. The occupations that are un-flagged will also most likely be impacted by the review.

The review process includes careful analysis of all the data and proof offered in the submissions and after thorough submissions the proposal is submitted to the government for the revision of SOLs.

The review of occupations listed on Skilled Occupational demand list is conducted by Department of Jobs and Small Business. However, the final decision is taken by the Immigration Minister of Australia.

The department assists the Australian government with analysis of Australia labour market and advice from stakeholders that further helps the government in the decision making process.

The consultation with stakeholders includes submissions offered by the stakeholders. The survey also includes the suggestions from individuals and employers.

The major SOLs are impacted by the review process.

Willing to apply for Australia PR? Check your occupation first on Australia’s Skilled Occupational Demand List

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