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Australia’s Businessmen Blaming Government For Urban Problems And Not Migration

Thu, Dec 20 2018

Australia’s Businessmen Blaming Government For Urban Problems And Not Migration

Time and again it is said that Australian population has been badly impacted by the immigration overdose resulting in poor infrastructure and depleting resources of Australia.

However, the business groups of Australia have different story to tell. The business organizations are happy with the new migrants coming and working in their organizations to boost their economy and contribute to the taxes but they are not satisfied with the way of Morrison Government working.

The business groups in Australia are blaming poor government planning, and not immigration for failing to deal with the growing population numbers.

The Australian populous cities are becoming space less with congestion in roads, public transport pains, shortage of schools and hospitals and high housing prices. Thus, all these problems have made Australia’s major cities less livable than they were before.

So, when asked the Chief Executive James Pearson about slashing migration is the solution to increase population, the executive said, “Migration is a apart of Australia’s DNA.”

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The two separate reports released this week, one by the Chamber and the other by Infrastructure Australia, have pinned the failures to deal with population growth on poor government planning rather than immigration.

Hence, the overseas migrants coming and working in Australia are not to be blamed for increasing population as they are the economic contributors of Australia. They pay taxes to the government and contribute towards the Australian economic success.

The failure lies in the hands of Australian government as they are unable to provide the basic facilities and unable to combat the rising population issue.

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