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Australian Universities accepting applicants with the lowest English language Score

Thu, May 16 2019

Australian Universities accepting applicants with the lowest English language Score

There are some Australian Universities that are lowering their own English standards to attract high-paying foreign students. ABC’s Four Corner Program has been told by academic that there a rise in the number of cases of academic misconduct and international students are struggling so much so that they have used phone apps to translate lectures. There are many international students who struggled to use a computer or a USB drive.

To rationalize the student visa system, the Federal Government gave more responsibility to the universities in 2016. The universities in Australia have the responsibility to determine if a student had genuine intentions to come and study or not. They also had to ensure that the foreign students met the English standards.

The international students are required to convince the University rather than the Education Department that they can complete the course. As per ABC News, the Universities in Australia are allowed to set their own English standards for international students. It is up to the Australian Universities to waive the English language requirement.

The Four Corner Program found that some universities are accepting foreign students who fall below their own English standards. These students are granted admission through other routes other than English proficiency test.

Some Universities are also accepting Medium of Instruction Letters from foreign students of countries like Nepal and India. This letter indicates that the students had studied in English in their home country. However, The Department of Home Affairs stated that these MOI letters do not hold any legislative value.

The education industry in Australia is worth $34 billion to the economy of Australia. Thus, high-paying international students have become a valuable source of income for struggling Universities. These students later apply for Australian Immigration through different PR Australia programs to settle in the country on a permanent basis. 

Australia Permanent Residency Programs are the route of living and working in the country on a permanent basis. Ask for an Australian Immigration Assessment from one of our visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global to arrange a callback. 

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