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Australian Lifestyle Followed By Democratic Traditions Attract Immigration; AMES Australia

Thu, Mar 08 2018

Australian Lifestyle Followed By Democratic Traditions Attract Immigration; AMES Australia

A new survey has found out that lifestyle is the key attraction for people moving to Australia. They are also attracted by the nation’s democratic traditions and freedoms. A survey conducted by Adult Multicultural Education Services(AMES) found that migrants and refugees moving to Australia has different reasons to migrate. As part of an effort to understand different factors influencing the immigrant journey, AMES Australia surveyed 131 migrants and refugees living in Victoria in late 2017.

There were respondents from 30 countries, most prominently South Asian countries like India and Thailand with a wide range of ages from 18 to 50 years old.

Over 52 percent respondents said their reason for coming to Australia was for a better standard of living and lifestyle, while 24 percent said they came for Australian democratic conditions and freedoms.

After arriving, the most important need for respondents was to learn English which was identified as the biggest hurdle for over 645 respondents impacting their settlement in Australia.

Around 38 percent of the respondents aged 50 said democracy and freedom was their favourite thing about Australia whereas for the younger respondents aged 18-29 lifestyle was the main factor.

However, there were mixed responses by the respondents for the things which they least liked, difficulty in finding work, missing family, weather, expensive living costs in Australia were some of them.

The respondent’s length of time living in Australia with difficulties in settling in Australia was also compared. About 11 percent of those who had been in Australia for less than two years reported feeling of isolation and missing family and friends, compared to 21 percent who had been living in Australia for two to five years and 13 percent for more than five years.

One of the survey respondent Yuzhen Chen said she chose to migrate to Australia because it is a good place to bring up her children and it has a good environment and education opportunities.

AMES chief executive officer Cath Scarth said the survey presented that migrants and refugees who are new to Australia valued the nation’s life, traditions and opportunities and were dedicated to becoming the part of the wider society.

She also added that this survey tells us about the commitment which the new migrants show to become a part of the Australia social fabric. But there also some barriers to successful settlement which as a nation, as communities, and as individuals, can be overcome. 

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