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Australian Immigration Authority Should Keep the Annual Quota of PR Visa at 1,90,000

Tue, Jun 25 2019

Australian Immigration Authority Should Keep the Annual Quota of PR Visa at 1,90,000

For the political move, the Australian PM Scott Morrison has announced the reduction of the immigration intake to 160,000 in March. The only motive behind this was to appease voters who were worried about the job security and congestion in the country.

As per Prof. Peter McDonald, Demography Expert, Australia believes that Australia should keep the annual quota of PR Visas at 190,000. Prof. McDonald addressed the Infrastructure Summit of the Australian Financial Review the Australian immigration target should not be reduced and he also said that Australia is in need of Australian labor crunch. As there are more of the boomer's retirements in Australia and the young Australian generation could not replace these places as they are long involved in staying in education. Therefore the country should more look after overseas skilled worker to fulfill the labor needs.

To resolve this immigration shortage, immigration is the only solution as per the prof. Therefore he believes that the annual quota should have remained at 190,000 as quoted by the AFR.

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Reducing immigration is no way to help Sydney and Melbourne which are in need of labor force as per Prof McDonald about 10,000 if the immigration cut may have gone to these cities. Therefore the demand for the skilled labors in these cities will remain very high now and will remain high in the future.

Chief Executive of Infrastructure Australia, Romilly Madew, said that Australia should carefully plan its infrastructure projects.

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