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Australian Government to Propose Laws for Screening Potential Migrants

Wed, Apr 11 2018

Australian Government to Propose Laws for Screening Potential Migrants

The Australian government is considering to introduce laws that would allow Department of Home Affairs to collect information on potential new migrants before their arriving in Australia. In Early march, the Home Affairs secretary, Michael Pezzullo informed the media about government actively considering this proposal.

He said that the assessments would use varied “data sources” to confirm that the potential applicant is willing to “conform with and live by Australian Values” by doing their behavioral analyses.

At this stage, the proposal has not been tabled in parliament, nor has it received any level of public canvassing, however, Pezzullo expressed confidence in the proposal.

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Pezzullo added, “Prior to you even getting citizenship, before you even migrate, the government is looking at how you make an assessment using intelligence, using all sources of information.”

The potential migrants will be assessed in three stages; before they get here, while they are here and then when they apply for citizenship.

The Australian government officials wants to employ an “ongoing assessment” model for migrants looking to apply for citizenship.

The opposition senator, Jenny McAllister, has said that the opposition will wait to see the further details of the government’s plan before supporting or opposing the proposed plan.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, has suggested that the monitoring could be technological in nature.  He further added that the government will explore whatever possible means to find ways of keeping Australia safe.

Some of the immigration consultants were supportive of the government’s dedication to ensuring that Australia’s visa program is not compromised, however questions regarding necessity of the proposed proposal was raised.

There should be arduous screening and testing of potential migrants applying for both temporary and permanent Australian visas, as a part of the visa application process. 

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