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Australian 190 Visa Closure for Sometime While Opening of Visa 491

Posted on: Wed, Nov 13 2019

Australian 190 Visa Closure for Sometime While Opening of Visa 491

As the new skilled regional visas will be introduced on 16th November 2019, the state nominated 190 visa application system will be closed to the immigration of South Australia on 15th November 2019 from 11 am. The application system of this Subclass visa will be re-opening in the first week of December.

There is a need to pay and submit for the 190 visa application before the system being closed if you have just started a state nomination application under the 190 visa category.

All the applications that are not complete and still pending will be deleted from 11 am on 15th Nov. 2019. These incomplete applications include those applications that are saved but not submitted and applications that submitted but still pending for payment.

Do I Qualify for New Skilled Visa 491?

The applicants are required to meet South Australia immigration eligibility requirement for their profession on that date when they applied for state 190 nominations. Due to changes in the points test on 16th November 2019, additional points will be given but those who have applied before 16th November 2019 will not be regarded as these additional points. 

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