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Australia Visa Category Should Not be Revamped- Canberra Immigration Agent

Mon, Apr 02 2018

Australia Visa Category Should Not be Revamped- Canberra Immigration Agent

With the n number of changes being made to Australia visa category, immigration agents have cautioned to not revamp Australian visa categories and reduce the number of visa types. They are afraid that this might severely influence the rate of success of visa applications.

The immigration agent from Canberra voiced that it is tough to manage all the applications that were tailored under 99 visa categories which are now narrowed to 10 types of visas. He was primarily concerned about applicants, now will most likely file applications on their own owing to the reduced visa categories which will ultimately result in the increase rate of visa applications rejections.

Special Broadcasting service quoted, “The immigration law is not simple. There will be definitely a hike in the number of appeals and refusals in a scenario wherein businesses and individuals furnish their own applications for visas.”

University of Sydney Political Science and Public Policy lecturer Anna Boucher said that this is a huge transformation which will lead to extreme alterations in the Australian visa categories. This will further lead to fundamental transformation where Australia will see more of a temporary immigrants rather than permanent residents.

The other lecturer further added, that if Australia PR pathways are eliminated it will create a class of lower immigrants in Australia.

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