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Australia Top 10 Most in Demand and Highest paid Jobs In 2020

Fri, Jan 03 2020

Australia Top 10 Most in Demand and Highest paid Jobs In 2020

Australia is one of a well established and prosperous country. The reason behind migrating people to Australia is not only because of quality of living standards but also offers quite lucrative well-paid jobs. The top 10 highest paying jobs are summarized in the following:

  • Engineering Manager

Based upon the discipline of Engineering, an Engineering manager can earn for up to AUD 132,350 each year. The Engineering manager in Oil, Energy and Gas can earn more than who work in Chemicals and mining.

  • Cloud Engineer

If you are well versed in cloud engineering, then you must consider moving to Australia. As this occupation is just recently generated, it is now becoming one of the most needed jobs in IT field. Cloud Engineer can earn for up to AUD 115,590 per year.

  • IT System Architect

Now, IT sector is booming in Australia. Thus, it is of no surprise that an IT system Architect can earn around AUD 139,690 each year. IT system Architects designs, builds and tests the whole infrastructure of organizations that have an internal network. Also, they used to handle up with highly sensitive and complex projects that requires past experience along with knowledge and information.

  • Analytics Manager

Manipulating data and Managing are the prime and supreme responsibilities of Analytics Managers. These types of occupations are highly in demand in most of companies that deal with large number of data. The Analytic manager can earn for up to AUD 118,820 per year.

  • Information Technology Manager

These IT managers are quite responsible for effective and active deployment of software in IT sector. Senior IT managers can as much as AUD 125,000 per year.

  • Information Technology Security Architect

The demand for IT Architect is going on rising in Australia. Therefore, an Information Technology Security Architect is one of the highly paid jobs. Also, a large number of vacancies for this occupation are in demand in Australia. IT security Architect can earn for up to AUD 124,000 each year.

  • Data Scientist

For the occupation of Data scientist, you need to have a relevant experience in technical field and good academic background to earn for up to AUD 100,000 per year.

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  • Wellbeing manager

Although this job is a recent creation but it has quite high demand in many companies concerned with employee Wellbeing. Wellbeing manager can earn for up to AUD 110, 520 each year.

  • Construction Manager

The Construction manager occupation is listed in one of the highly salary job and its demand goes on increasing in 2020 as well. By earning up to AUD 111,390 per year, construction manager can make their career in Australia.

  • Python Developers

As python is the most commonly used Software development language and thus, plays a significant role in IT industry. A Python developer in Australia can earn around AUD 100,000 each year in Australia.

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