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Australia: The Topmost Immigration Destination For Millionaires

Fri, Dec 13 2019

Australia: The Topmost Immigration Destination For Millionaires

A research firm of Australia, New World Wealth, has come out with the fact that Australia is the top preference for millionaires around the world. The country has been placed at the most enticing nation for the millionaire’s class for 2nd year as there are attractive places in the UK and the US.

It is also observed that there is an increase in global wealth migration. If we compared with 64,000 millionaires in 2015, there has been a rise of 28,000 migrants in 2018 which means that 82,000 aspirants preferred to migrate overseas in 2018.

On an average, approximately 11,000 millionaires have given their preference to move to Australia which results in making No.1 immigration destinations around the globe and on the second spot, it is the US with migrating 10,000 millionaires followed by Canada with approx. 8,000 millionaires.

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The locations in Australia make it more thriving and attractive as there is a base for setting up a business in upcoming Asian markets, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam.

Due to the Australian world-class healthcare system, it entices most of the migrants to come and settle within the country.

From New World Health, Andrew Amoils said that the two decisive factors for children, namely, good education and personal safety make the millionaires decide to move in Australia. These millionaires wish that their kids will acquire the best educational qualifications along with to feel safe and secure. Cleanliness, Healthcare, and climate are the other key factors that attract the millionaires to migrate.

Moreover, the study revealed that the millionaires who are migrating in Australia, they were from France. About 12,000 millionaires moved overseas from France last year. After France, it is China, which migrates to Australia around 9,000 millionaires followed by Brazil with approx. 8,000 millionaires.

According to Mr. Amoils, the reason why people from France moving away are just because of religious tension and high taxes in France.

The study from New World Wealth expected that global wealth is likely to rise by 35% for coming the next 10 years. The prospective coming migrants will be from India, Vietnam, China, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka.

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