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Australia Temporary Visa reaches high in Records

Mon, Dec 16 2019

Australia Temporary Visa reaches high in Records

The Government of Australia has decided to lower the number of permanent immigration from 190,000 to 160,000 for this year. The main motive of this move is just to limit the pressure of population growth on major cities, particularly, Melbourne and Sydney.

Though there has been reduced in the number of permanent immigration, the overall net overseas migration and net long term arrivals are recorded high.

The distinction between the net overseas migration and the number of permanent immigration is noticed due to an increase in the number of temporary migrants. The aspirants on temporary visas have reached a high record in September 2019 of approximately 2.33 million. This data shows that there was an increase of 640,000 for the past 7 years.

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Thus, for the September 2019, one out of every 11 residents was the holder of Australia temporary visa.

The Australian Student Visas is also expected to increase for the temporary visas. Overall, there were around 634,000 of student visa holders for Australia up to September 2019, which indicates that there was an increment of 292,000 holders over the previous 7 years.

The remaining temporary Visas were mainly driven by Bridging Visas and Visitor Visas. For the Visitor visa, there was an increment of 146,000 and for the visa category of Bridging visas, an approx. 117,000 raise has been recorded since 2012.

As per the federal government of Australia, it is observed that there will be increased further in the number of Temporary visa in April that leads to a rise in net overseas migration.

An increase in the net overseas migration could mean the maximum number of population growth for New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria. Along with this, it is expected that the growth of the population for NSW will be around 600,000 and a 650,000 for the population growth of Victoria.

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