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Australia Subclass Regional 491 Visas State Nomination

Tue, Jan 21 2020

Australia Subclass Regional 491 Visas State Nomination

The newly Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 visa allows skilled workers with their families to live and work in Regional areas or territory for up to 5 years time period. The 491 visa offers a pathway to permanent residency after completing 3 years.

There are two streams under the Subclass 491 visa as family sponsored and state nominated visa. Under family sponsored visa, it requires a relative living in regional territory of Australia who is willing to sponsor you and occupation must be listed under MLTSSL (medium and long term strategic skill list). While the sate nominated visa is often considered as easier because of longer list available and you only need to score a minimum immigration points to get an invitation.

Aspiring applicants are required to check the information carefully to meet all the requirements for nomination.

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The state of ACT has their own point matrix for selecting applicants for nomination. Candidates who are onshore and live in Canberra, they must have been in Canberra for a minimum 3 months before their application work for an ACT employer for 3 months.

The ACT Australian State nominates offshore candidates who have not lived in other Australian territory within 12 months.

  • New South Wales (NSW)

If the applicants are onshore and seek out for nomination for NSW, they are required to show that they have been working in nominated occupation and residing in NSW for a minimum 12 months.

Know more about Australia Regional Skilled Work Visa 491

  • Northern Territory (NT)

The state of Northern territory nominates onshore candidates who have been lived in the territory for a minimum 6 months and worked full time in their nominated occupation. You also have to show you have ongoing prospects of employment under the nominated occupation.

  • Queensland

If you are onshore and wish to nominate by QLD, you are required to live and worked full time in the nominated occupation for a minimum 3 months and that you will have ongoing employment in regional QLD for next 12 months. While offshore candidates need to show for a minimum 2 years work experience in post qualification under the nominated occupation.

  • South Australia (SA)

The State of South Australia nominates the willing applicants if you have a minimum 1 year work experience in previous 3 years. The experience does not necessarily in your nominated occupation.

  • Tasmania

The state of Tasmania nominate onshore skilled workers who have been living and working full time in the territory for a minimum 6 months towards the application. You are required to be employed by established business along with genuine need in your position.

  • Victoria (VIC)

The Australia State of Victoria offers nominations for offshore and onshore skilled applicants. You may be qualifying if you have a job offer letter in a regional area for a minimum 12 months and the employer must be an established business with a genuine need for the position.

  • Western Australia (WA)

If applicants are either offshore or onshore, you may be nominated by WA if you have a minimum 1 year of work experience in Australia, or three years of experience overseas in your nominated occupation. You will require a contract for employment in WA for a minimum of 12 months.

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