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Australia Style Immigration System and Its Criteria

Posted on: Wed, Jan 29 2020

Australia Style Immigration System and Its Criteria

An Australia style point based immigration system would permit Britain to restrict over the number of individuals entering into the country after Brexit though it still invites a large amount of needed professionals like nurses and others.    

Australia point based System:

Australia has Skilled Migration Program under which aspirant applying for visa are particularly based on economically relevant features like English language skills, age, education and work experience. This program does not apply for asylum or refugees seekers. There are other visas available with various requirements such as travel visas.

How does it operate?

The points are allocated by changes according to policy and labor market though an applicant picks a skilled occupation from occupational list and requires scoring a minimum number of immigration points. The Australia visa application will be submitted online on completing a series of proper checks and it requires financial, personal, identity credentials along with employment, health, education and travel history.

Right now, a minimum 65 points requires for Australia visa under Skilled independent migrant. Some of characteristics to score highest points include:

  • 30 points – Age (25-30 years)
  • 20 points – High level of fluency of English language.
  • 20 points (Work in Australia) & 15 points (Work Oversees) – Eight or above years of Skilled Work Experience.
  • 20 points – Formal educational qualifications up to PhD degree.
  • Additional points can be granted for translators, interpreter or on other things like an applicant partner satisfy age, English and occupation requirements.

Calculate Australian PR Points Score !!

Australia Visa cost:

Its fee vary depending upon the type of visa and in Skilled independent visa, it costs around $4045. Mostly, visas is processed within 18 months and facilitates aspirants to live and work anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis and sponsor any eligible relative for Australia permanent residency and eventually, if eligible, acquire Australia citizenship.

This system is considered as more objective, fairer to fill the staff paucity and allow choosing the best visa for prospective immigrants.

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