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Australia releases Occupational Ceilings for 2019-2020 skilled migration programs

Wed, Aug 07 2019

Australia releases Occupational Ceilings for 2019-2020 skilled migration programs

The Australian Immigration department released occupation ceilings for the year 2019-20 skilled migration programs. Applicants applying through skilled migration programs check their occupation listed on Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This list currently has more than 200 occupations listed and is updated regularly by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA).

Occupational Ceiling is defined as the limit to the number of ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) or invites issued from an occupation group. The ceiling determines that the skilled migration program is not dominated by small number of occupations.

When the occupation reaches its ceiling limit then no particular invitations are issued for that particular occupation and program for the year. Invitations are then allocated to the migrants in other occupation groups even they have less ranking score.

Check out the latest Australian Occupational Ceilings 2019-2020

The occupational ceiling plays an important role in providing the applicants an insight about the most in-demand occupations. There are some occupations which have higher ceiling while others have low occupational ceiling.

The government has fixed occupational ceiling for registered nurses at more than 17,000. For electricians, carpenters, Secondary school teachers and software programmers it is more than 8,000. Whereas, music professionals, economists and cartographers it is fixed at 1000.

The ceiling shows the occupations that are mostly in-demand and required in Australia labour market.

Australia has reduced its migration program for 2019-20 but this is not reflected in the ceilings announced. The numbers are a ceiling and do not mean that these many invitations will be given.

It is important to note that Occupational Ceilings do not apply to Australia Visa 190 –State or Territory and Employer Sponsored or Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses.

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