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Australia Refuses Visas To Domestic Violence Offenders

Wed, Dec 25 2019

Australia Refuses Visas To Domestic Violence Offenders

The visitors traveling to Australia can now be refused entry or kicked out if they have been convicted of domestic violence as per the new federal government directive.

The move has come into force recently by the Immigration Minister David Coleman’s decision to bar anyone who has committed violence against women or children from the country.

“If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime against women or children, you are not welcome,” Mr. Coleman said. He further added, “Wherever the offence occurred, whatever the sentence, Australia will have no tolerance for domestic violence perpetrators.”

He said the rule will apply not only to decision-makers inside the Department of Home Affairs but also to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. There have been number of times when the visa has been refused by the government to someone who has been guilty of domestic violence.

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“And in the administrative appeals tribunal has sought to reinstate that visa.” Minister Coleman referred to two cases where the department’s visa decision was overturned by the tribunal. “There is a case of a person who was guilty of assaulting his young son who was denied a visa. This was overturned by the administrative appeals tribunal.

“There was a case of a person who was applying for a student visa and was guilty of assaulting his wife, who was denied a visa. And the administrative appeals tribunal overruled that.”

The Australian current laws only allow the government to cancel the foreigner’s visa who fail a character test or who have spent 12 months in jail.

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