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Is Academic IELTS Acceptable for Australian PR 2018? - Australia Immigration

Tue, May 22 2018

Is Academic IELTS Acceptable for Australian PR 2018? - Australia Immigration

Yes, Definitely!

English Language requirement is one factor which Australian government officials are very serious about. As Australia is an English Speaking county, the government makes sure that the potential migrants migrating to Australia have the basic knowledge of English Language.

Therefore, if you are applying for Australia Skilled Immigration, you will need to prove your English Language ability. DIBP has made mandatory for every potential immigrant who wants to apply for Australia PR to sit for the language requirement test.

The required level of English depends upon the visa subclass you are applying for. There are different levels of English language proficiency level:

  • Functional English
  • Vocational English
  • Competent English
  • Proficient English
  • Superior English

In order to apply for Skilled Migration visas, you must have at least Proficient English level that will give you 10 points in Australia Immigration Point Test. Alternatively, if you have a Superior English Level, you will get 20 points in Australia Immigration point test.

On the other hand, Competent English is required for ENS and RSMS and Vocational English is required for Employer Sponsored Visas.

Functional English is taken by the secondary applicants or dependent applicants seeking to avoid paying the English language charge.

What are the acceptable forms of English Language Test?

As discussed above, it is mandatory to give English Language test and the most common English Language test taken by the potential immigrants is IELTS.

IELTS is known as International English Language Testing System which checks the basic proficiency of an applicant in English Language. There are two types of IELTS formats namely IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Mostly, IELTS general is acceptable by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection. But, there are some assessing authorities which may ask you to sit for IELTS academic also. There are four sections in IELTS namely Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. An applicant needs to score a minimum band requirement in each of these four sections to be eligible to apply for Australian Permanent Residency.

Apart from IELTS, the other acceptable English Language requirement tests are:

  • PTE ACADEMIC is also known as the Pearson Test of English Language, it is online English Language tests that calculate your English language score for Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking sections. PTE is widely accepted by the Australian universities and organizations.
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is also accepted for all skilled subclasses and most of the states/territories as well as some skill assessment bodies are now recognizing TOEFL as English Language requirement test for Australia PR visas.

When should one take English Language test?

The timing for giving Language Requirement Test is solely dependent upon the visa category in which you have applied for. Say, if you are applying for General Skilled Migration Visas, you need English Language requirement test results copy at the time of Invitation. The maximum skill assessment bodies ask for the test copies at the time of Invitation. Some assessing bodies may ask at the time of visa application too.

The other category visas like RSMS and ENS requires the English Language test results at the time of visa application.

For how many years, the scores of language test are valid?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection accepts the English Language requirement test results for up to 2 years prior to the lodgement.

The only exclusion from the time period is Functional English that requires English language test to be taken at most 12 months before lodgement.

How many points will be awarded towards English Language Requirement Test Results?

As you may already know, Australia follows a point based immigration system to migrate the potential applicants. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, skills, language requirements and other factors.

You may calculate your score using Australia Point Calculator

Thus, language requirement is one of the key factors which are taken into consideration when migrating applicants under General Skilled Migration Visas.

You get certain points for your English Language Test results:


Points awarded

Competent English-6 IELTS/PTE 50


Proficient English -7 IELTS/PTE 65


Superior English-8 IELTS/PTE 79 or more



To know more about the English Language requirement and your possible chances to migrate to Australia, fill the free assessment form to evaluate your chances further. You may connect to the Aptech Global experts at 7503832132 or mail your query at info@aptechvisa.com

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