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Australia population reaches 25 million, skilled workers still required!

Sat, Sep 01 2018

Australia population reaches 25 million, skilled workers still required!

Is it a time to shift in regional areas of Australia for skilled migration?

Eighty-seven percent of the migrants who came to Australia last year settled in Melbourne and Sydney

Australian population has reached 25 million and thus, government is encouraging upcoming migrants to live and work outside Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian government is planning to introduce certain policies to encourage more skilled and qualified workers to settle in the regional areas of Australia.

Northern Territory is offering $15000 to migrants willing to settle in their province!

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In the previous year, of the 111,000 new skilled migrants arrived in Australia- the largest number of migrants settles in the two biggest cities- Sydney and Melbourne. The over population in these cities has badly affected their infrastructure and housing.

There is more need to distribute the population evenly to avoid congestion pressures in Melbourne and Sydney. These cities are over population and on the other hand there are parts of Australia that are in desperate need of skilled people. For example, South Australia would like to invite additional 15,000 migrants a year. Also, Western Australia’s newspaper ‘The Warrnambol Standard’ recently had their front-page headline: ‘Wanted-1,000 workers.’

Now is the high time to shift focus from mainstream cities to regional areas.

The regional areas want the best and brightest migrants from around the world. The Australian government is focusing to push migrants in the areas that have demand for particular skills. Most probably, the government will enter into boutique agreement with business leaders to look out for the regional areas that has labour requirement for the particular occupation. They will work on limiting the skill shortage in the required regional areas.

Australia has over and over again surpassed population predictions.

In 1998, ABS predicted the population would reach 23.5 million by 2051. This predication has already reached in July 2014, 33 years early. Further, in 2002, Australia did not predicted to reach 25 million people until 2032 then in 2007, the prediction changed for said mark in 2024.

The last year immigration intake was limited to 163,000 –the lowest figure in a decade. The increase in population is a result of:

  • Increase in the annual permanent migration intake from 85,000 in 1996 to more than 200,000 in some years.
  • The emergence of India and China as the largest contributor of migrant population

Thus, India ranks first in the list of countries of origin for permanent residency to Australia

How to get Australia Permanent Residency From India? 

Therefore, as a skilled migrant willing to come and settle in Australia, one should focus on regional areas of Australia. There are plethoras of working opportunities in Australia regional areas.

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