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Australia Partner Visa Important Information 2019 You Might Not Know

Fri, Aug 02 2019

Australia Partner Visa Important Information 2019 You Might Not Know

Australia Partner Visa is a connection cord for the partners/spouse/de facto residing in the country as a permanent resident or citizens and their other half living overseas. The long-distance relationship and the eagerness to live together let couple apply for Australia Partner Visa.

Although, the processing of partner visa is a time-consumption process and so is the commitment for each other. Here is everything that you must know related to Partner Migration Australia.

  • The duration and commitment of the relationship matters

Australian Immigration department focuses on the applicants applying for the partner visa time duration of the relationship. It must be genuine and ongoing long-term relationship of at least two years with a child together or three years.

  • De facto relationships must be long lasting and genuine say at least a year

If you are in a live-in relationship as a couple then your relationship must be truthful and sustainable in nature. You must be living together for at least a year at least supported by evidence of your relationship.

Apply for Australia Partner visa 2019

The possible evidence include joint finances, a written history or timeline of your relationship, family photos of you together, etc.

  • You can register a de facto relationship and lodge a partner visa irrespective of your married status (separated) to someone else

Well, under Australian law you cannot marry to your partner unless and until they are legally married to some other person. Though, for migration purposes your de facto relationship is recognized as long as the one married is legally separated from his/her spouse.

A partner visa is received when either of the partners can prove their previous marriage has ended. The Australian immigration department requires proof that party is living separately on permanent basis, and that the relationship does not have the characteristics of a marriage.

  • Australia Partner Processing Time

The Australia Partner Processing time is a time consuming process and every application process has its own processing duration depending upon different factors. The general processing times are as follows:

  • Partner Visa Subclass 309

75 percent of applications are processed within 13 months

90 percent of applications are processed within 17 months

  • Partner Visa Subclass 100

75 percent of applications are processed within 17 months

90 percent of applications are processed within 25 months

Partner Visa Australia is a part of Family Sponsorship programs that is solely created for the partners/de facto/spouses that are living separately from their partners. If you wish to know about your eligible chances for Australia PR then you may connect with visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global. You can also read the clients feedback at AptechVisa Reviews site.

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